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Peel School


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 Healthy Fruit Salad

Fruit directly from the growers to you.


Vegetables directly from the farmer to you.

Cheese Plate

Our deli is fully stocked with all dairy and cheese products.

Raw Beef Steak

Come visit our butcher for the finest cuts of your favourite  meat.

Healthy Shakes
Fruit Shakes

Knock up your favourite shake or booster juice from our wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Healthy Breakfast
Blueberries on the vine

The best part of the day! Mix in some variety from our shelves to make a delicious addition to your breakfast.

Healthy Snacks
Colorful Food

Colourful and original. We have everything at it's freshest. Have fun while eating healthily.

Healthy Families

Help support your local school and sign up today.

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